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    Hey guys.

    I need to know what service exists or how I can construct a livestream/webcast with little delay?

    I ask because my near future goal is to be able to take that low-latency livestream and with the help of a group chat/talk plugin, pipe in audio from online participants simulating the effect of a live classroom experience regardless of your location.

    Right now work for a small startup that offers adult education classes to finance and accounting professionals. 50% of our class are outside of our brick and mortar setting. We use UStream as our content delivery service. It's great service but the 25-30 delay in video transmission is beginning to annoy me especially after what I am attempting to develop with a more "interactive" experience for our online students.

    I just made a thread on another forum soliciting feedback about an miking proposal that would pipe in audio from the classroom participants, if you're interested.

    Again, how to I get to a low-latency setup?

    Screenshot below:

    Click image for larger version

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