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  1. So I'm very new to this site but am having a major issue ripping a show with the latest version of handbrake.
    I've ripped dvd's and shows in the past with dvdfab but have recently discovered handbrake and have no problems ripping movies, however recently trying to rip some old king of the hill episodes has given me some major problems.

    I first use dvdDecoder to rip the disc to the pc.
    Then load the folder up in handbrake and select the titles and add to queue for all the shows on the disc.
    The problem I am having is that the resulted mp4's are cut in weird spots. For example one show plays till there's about a min. left and stops, and the next episode has the end of the previous episode then starts the new episode. It is like this for all the episodes on the disc.

    I'm wondering if maybe I should try the dvd decoder with dvdfab to rip the disc then try again in handbrake?

    Another small issue is on all the movies I've ripped in the past the audio does not play on some pc's with windows media player, all are mp4's and I've not touched the audio settings. Audio plays fine with vlc player but not windows media player, any ideas why??
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    Starting with the easy one.
    Usually if it plays in vlc and not in WMP then it is a codec issue (or rather a missing codec).
    You can either change the audio to write something like mp3 which all versions of windows will support or install the relevant codec on the target machine.

    From your description I don't think you have a problem with Handbrake - I think the issue lies in the original rip. Try using DVDFab to rip the dvd as a whole and then point Handbrake at the rip.

    Hope this helps
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  3. Thank you for you're input. I realized real quick I should have waited till I got off work and tried dvdfab before I posted this, but the audio problems were also throwing me for a loop. Sadly I can't update the codec on the PC I use at work, so vlc it is. (only wanted to use wmp because I work with a bunch or older people and if they can't just double click to play with wmp they think the worlds gonna end)
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