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  1. Hi All,

    I would like to know how to rip subtitles from the Films Media Group website. It's a documentary film website. The subtitles are not embedded in the video. When you toggle over the video screen the option "Captions" pops up and you can choose "none" or "English" on most videos. For example, see this line:
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  2. They're captions not subs. They're probably generated on the "fly" using something like this. The accuracy of the software is dependent on the quality of the audio and of the speakers diction. That's the reason why some youtube captions seem so screwed up. You could do the same, demux the audio, run it through software (there's cloud based services too) and generate subs. Big job, you'll have to manually set the sub timing.

    Maybe you can use a screen recorder to capture the video while it plays and use Aegisub to OCR the subs.
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  3. I just found Easytranscript, what's interesting is it can traqnscribe directly from video (through VLC). You would still have to capture the video first.
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