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    I need download a streaming video, the video have 1:42 hours.

    I dont have the direct link of the whole video, only links like:

    I tried several softwares from this link

    One that works fine is the FVD downloader. But I have one problem

    This stream has ~500 .ts files (media_1.ts, media_2.ts, media_500.ts, etc...) and I need click in all files to get the video.
    Yes, 500 clicks are few, but I need download ~20 videos like that, so 500x20 clicks is too much time.

    Any way to download all .ts files with 1 click? The FVD downloader, unfortunately, dont have a 'download all' buttom :/
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  2. Hi ,

    @Mimy :

    I have caught 3 streams , saved in X:\Process\concat\
    Made in that directory a file named "mylist.txt" (see below) :
    file 'X:\Process\concat\media_1.ts'
    file 'X:\Process\concat\media_2.ts'
    file 'X:\Process\concat\media_3.ts'
    Created a batch file "Z_concat.bat" (see below) :
    @echo on
    ffmpeg -f concat -i "X:\Process\concat\mylist.txt" -c copy output.ts
    Saved in the same directory of "FFMPEG" .
    And launched it .
    Got a file "output.ts" in the directory of "FFMPEG" .
    Maybe : to be re-encode to .mp4
    for help see :
    Regards .
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    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy -absf aac_adtstoasc denis_pigozzi_legis_penal_especial_0803.mp4
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