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  1. I have a video about 4.5 GB with compression format H.264 10bit and container format mkv. Recently, I just created a DVD ISO from it using DVDStyler. For some reason, the software did not allow to check the option "do not transcode/remultiplex." I guess because of transcoding, there was noticeable loss of quality when I played the ISO with VLC Player.

    Though I'm using DVD, I'm going to playback on a Blu-ray Player (Dynex DX-WBRDVD1)

    My question is whether it's absolutely mandatory to transcode or convert such video for burning to DVD.
    Can I just keep the original compression format and how? Will there be any quality loss?

    Thank you all.

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    DVD Styler can only make DVD-Video(mpeg2 video) and not any h264 video.

    I would first try and see if your blu-ray player supports mkv on usb,dvd media. Just copy/burn the files. But I doubt any standalone player supports 10bit h264 directly.
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  3. The Blu-ray spec doesn't include 10 bit h.264. You'll have to reencode to 8 bit.
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