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  1. Hello,

    I have a weird problem when watching .mkv files on the TV. The videos run perfectly until i start using subtitles.
    Then it Starts lagging (sort of) where the subtitles should be displayed. It seems that all the frames where the subtitle should be get cut out, video and audio. The video plays just fine on the computer with the subtitles working.

    I connect the TV with a standart HDMI cable and use the setup where the TV is simulated right next to the monitor, so when i move out the mouse cursor to the right side of the screen, it enters the tv screen from the left. I have updated all the relevant drivers and im using BS-Player for the video files.

    Any Ideas whats going wrong with the subtitles or how i can make them work properly?

    Thanks alot.
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    Try first play with another player. Like VLC Media Player that has built in decoders.

    Same problem?

    Try also change the HDMI output to the primary monitor under the display settings.
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  3. I tried VLC Player and had the same Problem, then tried with PotPlayer and now it seems to be working! Huzzah!
    Still kinda weird, but im happy its working now, thanks.
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