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    I'm a Panasonic DVX 100B home user for 4 years.
    Currently I'm working in the Marketing Department of a Travel Agent with 10 branches in different locations. To celebrate the 40 years in travel business, my boss asked me to take greeting speech video of all branch managers (2 minutes each) for presentation in the anniversary party.
    For future business development, my boss decided to purchase new set of hardware including camcorder and minimum lighting in the budget of US$3500.

    OK, after doing research, I found the Sony HXR-MC200 may fit the camcorder budget, but it doesn't have audio input control. The features are less than my DVX100B except it's on HD. With 1.5K to 2K budget, do I have other options?

    All branch managers talk are inside their office (manager room), what minimum mobile lighting setup is required to get the job done ?

    I will need to have a pair of clips-on wireless microphone and suggestion too. Sennheiser is good but out of my budget, any suggesion ?

    Many thanks.
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    That cam is an AVCHD type: did you budget in the increase in processing power needed for your PC for editing (although maybe your PCs are good enough already)?

    If it were me and I were you (having already learned on the DVX100), I'd give a thought to getting a used HVX-200/A. Similar look & feel, ability to go tape or P2 card. DVCPro/50/HD recording, AND GOOD AUDIO CONNECTIONS & CONTROL. In fact, I'd say, you already would know how to use it.

    There are a number of other good possibilities though. Can't go into them right now - time crunch for me.

    Lights: get a Arri/Kinoflo/Lowell 3 or 4 light DP kit with softboxes/umbrellas options.

    Don't skimp on the audio. Sennheisers, Sonys, AKGs, the high-end Shures, etc. They're worth it. Personally, I don't like the Azdens, though, nor Samson. I consider those fine for live concert sound or ENG, but would never use them for finer recording work - too much noise & distortion for me. Maybe AT (AudioTechnica).

    That $3.5k is going to get used up REAL QUICK!

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