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  1. I have a Panasonic DMR-HWT230 HDD recorder, a Sharp LC-32LE600E LCD TV, and a NADC350 analogue audio amp.

    The Panasonic only offers digital optical sound output, but the NAD doesn't have a digital audio input. The other headache is that every single RCA input on the back of the NAD is full.

    I was thinking of buying a digital audio to analogue converter (digital optical in, two RCAs out), but I have nowhere left to plug in the two RCAs on the back of the NAD ! Is it possible to take two sets of RCAs through an adaptor or splitter to give a single output to the amp ? In other words, I would have one pair of RCAs coming in from the d-to-a converter, and another pair from another device (probably a second HDD recorder which does have RCA outputs), and then the single pair from the splitter or adaptor would connect to the back of the NAD.

    In essence, can you run two 2 x RCA outputs into one input ?

    There is a digital optical socket on the back of the Sharp LCD, but I think it's output only.
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    You need an audio switch. This is one example:

    as well as a digital to analog audio converter. This is one of many:

    The problem with digital to analog audio converters is that they don't decode DTS, AC3, etc., so they must have 2-channel (stereo) PCM input to work. Make sure your source can provide 2-channel (stereo) PCM audio. Otherwise you will need to upgrade to a receiver with digital audio connections.
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