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  1. I don't know exactly what that is in words or how it works. I just know how to use a filter related to it but dont 100% fully understand how it works.

    tdecimate(mode=1, hybrid=1)

    Ive read all about tdecimate on many different pages, but it keeps saying "Blend Decimation" alot and I wish to understand it a bit more.
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  2. Guest34343
    Decimation means reducing the number of frames.

    Suppose you have 3 frames [A][B][C] and you want to decimate it to 2 frames. Here is a possible way:


    The first frame, for example is a blend of frames A and B. That is blend decimation.
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  3. Two frames blended together (with equal weighting) to make one frame:

    (frame1 + frame2) / 2
    Or in AviSynth, N frames reduced to N/2 frames:

    Merge(SelectEven(), SelectOdd())
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