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  1. hello

    I'm having a weird issue here.
    when playing a video file, with either a srt or sub subtitle, sometimes, some subtitiles disapear at about 28 minutes and don't appear again for about 2 minutes.

    Can't figure out if it's a file problem or a hardware problem since some subtitile plays ok e some don't.

    any ideas?

    thank you.
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  2. SRT files are plain text. Open them with Notepad and look for abnormalities.
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  3. I did, tryed subtitle workshop also for erros. there were some, but none close to 28 minutes.
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  4. Try some other subtitles and see if the problem follows the time or the subtitle number. Ie, is it always at 28 minutes or is at at subtitle number 73 or some such. Otherwise you'll just have to hope someone with the same Blu-ray player responds with confirmation.
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