Hi, pals!

I have an issue, over here!
Some time ago, I bought a video book, but it cames in vbk files, and only can be played with VitalSource bookshelf player. Totally sux!
This files contains some PDFs and, of course, mp4 vdeos. PDFs doesnt matter to me ... I want video files!
Here are the links:

Inside this one, there is a PDF file and a mp4 file. My question is: its possible to extract them?

Here are other links:

http://online.vitalsource.com/books/9788530953164/epubcfi/6/12%5B%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Dca...l%5D!/4/6/2%5BTribut_Cap_15_Bl_01.mp4%5D/2%400:529 [Note that mp4 file]

I really want the video files and I know that could use some other program that grabs the vdeo from the screen, but there are soooo many files! Its a lot of work and not productive. There is any way to download this?

Thanks a lot!!!!