As we know h.264 frame is more complicated than MJPEG. I'd like to decode the pictrues from the Samsung IP CCTV system.
They bring API, they bring demos but now samples how to decode h.264.
Anyone had it done before and have some experience to help, please.

                if (vidFrame.m_nCodecType == CODEC_TYPE.MJPEG || vidFrame.m_nCodecType == CODEC_TYPE.JPEG)
                    System.IO.Stream jpgStream = new System.IO.MemoryStream();
                    jpgStream.Write(vidFrame.m_btFrame, 0, vidFrame.nLength);
                    pictureBox1.Image = Image.FromStream(jpgStream);
                else if (vidFrame.m_nCodecType == CODEC_TYPE.H264)
                    //need H.264 decoder - FFMPEG, Intel IPP, x264 etc
I found easy solution decode H.264 from a file, but still can not find anyone that did it from single frame.