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  1. I bought the Hauppage HD PVR 1212, and I am using it on my MacBook Pro. I bought it to record my play on XBOX 360. I record it with HDPVRCapture and use the software called "Movie Maker for Mac" (MMFM) to edit and upload the my clips/videos. When I watch it while using the MMFM software, the video looks incredible. But after I upload it on YouTube it is in slow motion and the sound is out of sync...

    Any people know what I can do to fix this?


    Also, if anyone has any recommendations of programs that I should use, please let me know. All I am doing is recording a 10 min clip and cropping out 10-20 seconds of the clip.
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    Please don't cross post in several forums. I deleted your other thread.

    And I'm moving you to our mac section as I guess you want to use mac software.

    What format do you export to in mmfm?

    But moviemaker for mac sounds like garbage...can't you use imovie or fcp?
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  3. I export it in MP4. Yes, iMovie works but it takes 45min for a 4 min video to open on the program.
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