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    as most of you may know, google has announced that by 2015 they will be switching over to VP9 for all their videos, i have already found some available, you need a browser that supports VP9 and html5 but the latest chrome portable does. it's also possible to save the vp9 video using a firefox extension called complete youtube saver.

    there aren't a lot of video available yet, but the transition has started.
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  2. Can you post a link to one of those. I would like to see if I can open/view it.
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  3. Originally Posted by TreeTops View Post
    Can you post a link to one of those. I would like to see if I can open/view it.
    Almost ALL videos in Youtube already with VP9 codec on html5 player
    You can view in Chrome when you bring the stats:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	01.jpg
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    But when you download file its not playable right now in VLC
    Its can playback when you drag and drop to Chrome or Firefox:

    Click image for larger version

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    You can play vp9.webm videos in MPC-HC. If you rename extension from .webm to .mkv, you can edit them in Aviutl and probably may others as well.
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