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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have Grundig DVD-P 7600. Some years ago I have been using it but one time someone had put wrong region dvd to play. It stopped working. I don't know if that person did anything more. He was supposed to fix it but it was few years ago, I have it back now and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. When I turn it on the screen lights up but that is it, no messages, no nothing. Laser head doesn't move either and it doesn't spin. The person that broke it said that someone checked it and that components work on their own but that is 2nd/3rd person knowledge. No idea what is wrong. Any of you have an idea what can be wrong?
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    This is a portable player. Usually those can't be unlocked for region free play (in case you wondered), but I have never heard of a player committing suicide because someone tried to play a disc from another region in it. I can't tell you that there's no chance that this happened, but again, I've never heard of it and it would be incredibly stupid and highly unusual for that to be the case. It's probably just a coincidence that it stopped playing after a wrong region disc got played, but I guess it's possible that there could be some whacky firmware in it that freaked out when the wrong region disc got played.

    Sounds like whatever happened, this player needs repair. Given the current cost of portables there's no compelling reason to pay for such as the cost, if you can even find a shop to fix it, would far exceed just buying a new player. If you buy a new player, please note that the vast majority of portables CANNOT EVER BE UNLOCKED. If you need a region free portable then you'll need to buy one from a seller who guarantees that what they sell can be unlocked.
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  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that device is suffering from more than just "region lock"...
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  4. Thanks for answering.

    According to this this player can be unlocked but that is beside the point.
    I myself have a hard time believing that it is some kind of wrong disk lock but that person had it for like 5 minutes. Still it was then... it could broke more with time and I don't know what did that person did with it all the time until now.
    It is not like I need it that much, or at all. There is no reason for me to get it repaired. I was thinking more like a DIY job. I will be trying to figure something out. Any insights are welcome.
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