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  1. Hi, I figured this is the best place to ask for some possible solutions on a matter I can't quite understand.

    I've been editing and recording gameplay for a while now and starting to put things together. But recently, after a exHDD upgrade I can't seem to fix a problem that prevents me from editing.

    I record on Windows with OBS and when I playback the videos it all works fine on Windows Media Player .. not so much on VLC. But I dont edit on my Windows pc because that's serving as a gaming platform, I run Bootcamp so I minimize the software on there. On my Mac is where all the graphic design, photography and video editing is happening.

    But when I transfer over the files in the following order - Windows -> exHDD formatted as FAT32 -> Mac - I can't seem to open them anymore. I get an error on Quicktime saying the file is damaged and VLC crashes as soon as it open.

    Importing it into Premiere doesn't work either, it freezes up Premiere but whenever I preview the file it works flawless. The file is a .mp4.

    Uploading it to youtube works fine too.. This is a small video I had lying around to test.

    Does somebody have any ideas on what might cause this problem and has a possible solution? Anything is welcome and appreciated!

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    What is the file size? Show report mediaInfo.
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  3. Sounds like a codec problem to me.
    VLC has all codecs built-in and not using those installed on Windows.
    Perhaps OBS encodes into something non-standard?
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