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    Hi, I'm in a struggle for authorind DVD & BR and I hope to find some answers here.

    I would like to know if there are some good & recent softwares that I can use to add & change (instead of deleting) some elements to some DVD & Blu-Ray projects after the main elements has been done with an authoring application like Adobe Encore or Sony Dvd architect pro, like seamless branching, aditional video angles &/or pop-up menu (Blu-ray only for that one) ?

    I know that some applications like BDedit, Pgcedit, DVD rebuilder, BD rebuilder may, perhaps, achieve some of those modifications, but which one & for which support ?

    I know that something has been done by this guy on his blog, here, by using Encore and BDedit.

    Any recommandations/suggestions for this ?

    Thanks to answer
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  2. BDedit is a great tool for editing blu-rays. Sadly it remains largely undocumented. For DVDs, however, you could try dvdremake.
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