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  1. Hello Guys!

    I am trying to edit some videos filmed using a Sony camera.
    I got an AVCDH file... but when I try to watch it... is blurred, without focus.
    I can't see definition.

    Is it something related to the extension?
    I've tried to convert to another extensions, got it with success, but still blurred.

    Can someone help me?
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  2. How are you viewing it? The most likely explanation is you shot it out of focus.
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    Yeah, "out-of-focus blurring" is not really a feature of not being able to correctly read a file. You can either see it, or you can't. Or you see it but the coding and/or sub-sampling is off, in which case you would have bad colors or blockiness.* But out of focus blurring is pretty much down to how you shot it.


    *To get technically accurate, the only time where blurriness comes into play with encoding is in progressively-downloaded SCALABLE-RESOLUTION encodings, where you have only gotten an early, incomplete scan (low rez scale) of the whole file. In video circles, those types of encodings are VERY RARE.
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    Or maybe the lens was fogged up. Example would be, you took it out of cold storage and shot footage in high humidity situation.

    Either way, you'll likely have to re-shoot..........
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  5. post a sample so I can take a look at the source file
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