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  1. Just picked up a Canon 70D and the videos it takes are .mov format.

    Is there any software like vDTS, DVMP Pro for for MOV files?

    basically want to stamp my videos with date info like vdts and dvmp pro does for avchd.

    Never seen it for MOV files. I know the files contain the data when played back on the camera it displays it just can't find any software to pull it.
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    Don't think there is a specific app for that yet (burn-in), but you can get the metadata info via MediaInfo. Could dump that to a CSV file and then use that as source in an AVISynth script to burn-in. ffmpeg also seems have a similar feature.

    Note that the Canon 70D, similar to my Nikon, does NOT include TRUE continuous smpte timecode throughout the duration of the recording, it just puts a starting timestamp. You'd have to use other methods (Quicktime MOV text track?) to generate a synchronous running timecode.


    <edit>This link seems to show someone successful in using ffmpeg to burn-in timecode:</edit>
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