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  1. I have some .vob files that I am trying to encode for playback using a media server to stream the video and the ffplay for client playback. I have used ffmpeg directly many times and have had not such good results, but I never had an audio / video synchronization problem. I usually had problems with the video being pixelated or no audio.

    I started using the Avanti program which is giving me much cleaner output, but the audio and video start off unsynchronized. The audio plays for about 7 seconds and then the video starts in at a fast pace until it automatically synchronizes with the audio. Once the video catches up with the audio they stay synchronized, but this is unacceptable. Can someone explain where I can make adjustments to avanti to get the audio and video synchronized? I am using versions for Avanti that were downloaded with the latest versions as of this weekend.
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  2. What are you trying to encode to? If XviD is acceptable use AutoGK it just works.
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  3. This problem has been resolved. Chalk it up to experience as I was running out of drive space.
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