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    Hello, I am new to video burning all together. I have many questions but most of all, (I'm sure this has been brought up twelve times a day) What software can convert files from one format to another (I.E. Downloaded with out copyright), Burn DVD's, Blu-Ray, Music CD's (multiple drive capable preferably 4 at one time)? I have many movie torrents for my kids although they can only watch from computer, and they are young and rough on DVD's. It would be nice to just burn them another copy whenever they scratch or break a CD or DVD.

    Thank You

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    Record 4 discs at a time is dangerous in terms of increasing the probability of getting an error and reject all discs (load on the power supply and parallel to the CPU, HDD - unless ssd).
    People recommend to run several Nero Express, and thus burn multiple disks simultaneously.

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    Buy your movies on dvd instead.

    Reread our warez rules :