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  1. I have a DVD project with a movie in VTS1 with an optional subtitle track. The menu allows you to play the film, which it does fine. I then have a subtitle 'trivia track' option, which links to a command object:

    SetSTN (subp=0:on )
    I then have this command object connected to the movie, so when you press "play subtitle track", the film plays and the trivia track plays along with it. Perfect.

    Now, when the movie is finished it returns to the main menu. I wanted it so that if you press "play movie", then the movie plays normally (i.e. without the subtitles) so I added a script to the DVD menu's PRE commands section A which reads:

    SetSTN (audio=0 subp=0:off )
    However, this is not working - when I hit "play the movie" from the menu again, the trivia track is still turned on.

    So my question is - how do I go about making it so that when the trivia track option is selected, and the movie finishes, that the subtitle track is turned off unless it is selected again from the menu?

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. I've added the following VMG domain command (which I have linked the end of the movie to) and linked that back to the main menu, with the code:

    SetSTN (subp=0:off )
    I also added that same code to the DVD menu's PRE commands. That appears to have done the trick.

    Did I do that right, or is one of those two actions superfluous?
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