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    Greetings ....

    Some time ago I discovered a multi-format video conversion app called Format Factory. I used it on several files that were only a few megabytes in size with fine results. Recently, I tried it out on an unencrypted one gigabytes plus DVD-VOB file with the intent of making an MP4 copy. The process however ran very slow, going on for more than 90 minutes with no indication that anything was being written to disk.

    I am using Format Factory on a desktop PC running Win-7 Pro-64. The CPU is 2.50 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core type, with 3.840 (out of 4) gigs of available RAM. No other apps of any great consequence are run while Format Factory is active. I have not made any adjustments to any setting in the FF-app since its installation. At present, if you were to choose say - MP4 - as your desired conversion target format, FF will do so at the highest possible quality (I suspect that's one reason for the slow run right there).

    I seek advice from experienced Format Factory users on how to adjust the settings for faster convert times with very large files, with as little quality loss as possible--although I concede I may be willing trade a small bit of quality for a faster conversion.

    ALSO: If there is a util app similar to Format Factory that you I should try, feel free to make suggestions.

    Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Video
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  2. I don't know anything about Format Factory but since you're making MP4 files you're probably encoding to h.264, and probably with the x264 encoder. In general you can any two of these three:

    1) fast encoding
    2) high quality
    3) smallest file size

    Between x264's fastest and slowest presets there is about a 100 fold difference in encoding speed. If Format Factory gives you access to x264's presets try veryfast. That delivers moderate quality with pretty fast encoding. I usually use the slow preset for DVD sources. But my computer is faster than yours (quad core i5 2500K). If I'm not doing any serious filtering a 45 minute TV episode (about 1.5 GB of VOB files) will take less than 15 minutes to encode at the slow preset, less than 5 minutes at the veryfast preset. The increase in quality (very very little) using presets slower than slow isn't justified given the large increase in encoding times.

    I suspect Format Factory was simply stuck with your 1 GB VOB encode. Either that your you picked the placebo preset.
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