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    Jun 2014
    Search Comp PM
    A friend gave me this printer.
    But the manual, installation CD, and paper holder in the back is missing.
    I can install software from the internet to take the place of the installation CD, can't I?
    I know I can find the manual somewhere…..
    Can you help me out?
    I have an old Mac OS X 10.6.8
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  2. Banned
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    Oct 2004
    Search Comp PM has the 10.6.x driver you want. I checked. Stop being lazy and just go there and get it. They probably have the manual too. Don't know about the paper holder but I'm sure you can get a replacement on Ebay or from Epson themselves.
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    Jan 2012
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    Search Comp PM
    And J only stands for JACKASS.

    Every user posing this question is really asking, "Is the downloaded software the same?" Anyone with a few years of GOOD service experience realizes not every package is the same downloaded vs. the official CD. ATI-AMD was particularly bad about this, with software updates even requiring the original CD before all updates could be applied. HP All In Ones and some of their good scanners also had CD-only packages that some users preferred so the download-only features were lacking. That doesn't seem to be the case in the last 6 or 7 years, in HP's and Epson's case.

    And since AMD is no longer selling the All-In-Wonder cards, their Catalyst downloads offer updates for their TV-capture devices, too.

    Mono, in this case, yes, the Epson downloads CAN be identical to the included software. There is a DRIVERS ONLY download and a full-package version.
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