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  1. I've burnt the dvd successfully and went to use it in my mercedes, The dvd loads fine and plays but I'm unable to skip Title forward, i can only rewind the title currently playing. IS there a certain method to use or option to check off to make it burn a certain way that i can skip titles when the dvd is playing?

    I appreciate the help in advance, thank you.
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  2. Assume you meant DVDFlick? Their website says: 'Support for over 45 file formats'. Did you use one of those? Did you use this version: Version That version made some menu fixes. Did you copy a DRM DVD? Do you watch this DVD while driving? Sounds like you do as you say you want to make menu choices.
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  3. Yes I'm using DVD Flick, latest version i believe. I'm using .avi and burning to a DVD-R. No it's not DRM, I'm using Music videos i downloaded, I've been testing it in the car while in park, i can't use it yet while I'm driving because i haven't installed my Video In Motion adapter, which will be installed tomorrow.

    It seems like it burns as one title with multiple chapters or something, i can't skip forward but i can restart the video.
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  4. Originally Posted by magicmike514 View Post
    It seems like it burns as one title with multiple chapters or something, i can't skip forward but i can restart the video.
    DVDflick supposedly does not have the capability to join multiple avi files and create one giant combined DVD title, even if malfunctioning, yet that is what you are describing here. Very strange. My two best guesses, based on this limited info from you:

    1. Your car disc player is funky or picky about PC-authored burned DVDs, and for some reason is not detecting the title breaks to allow skipping.

    2. Your installation of DVDflick has gone wonky (it happens), or your version requires you to click on every damn authoring feature that any sane person would assume was a default. DVDflick is easy to use on one hand, but a PITA cauldron of half-baked interface elements and goofy wrong-way defaults that one must override for every disc project. IOW, you may have failed to tell DVDflick to use the common sense it lacks, and create a chapter point for each avi source video.

    Before doing anything further, try the problematic DVD in something other than your car. Try your PC player, a normal DVD player, even a BluRay player. If these let you skip normally, the problem is in your car player and not DVDflick. But if the disc won't title jump in ANY player, something is off in DVDflick or its settings.

    If the problem turns out to be the disc, redo the project in DVDflick. Add all the music clips, then highlight the first (top) avi in the project window. Click "Edit Title" on the right and then "Chapters" on the left. Check the box for "Create Chapters For Every Video Source" then uncheck both "Create Chapters Every x Minutes" and "Create x Chapters." Click the "Apply To All Titles" button, then "Accept." Continue with whatever menu features you want, save the project, then hit "Create DVD." This *should* result in a more traditional DVD that will let you skip forward or back from one video to another. If it doesn't, your DVDflick isn't working right.

    Of course if there is only one avi file used to make the DVD, you won't be able to skip around the DVD unless you do also check the "Create Chapters Every x Minutes" box. I normally leave this unchecked for projects made from multiple music videos, because I don't want random chapters within each four minute music video. But if your "downloaded avi" is just ONE avi consisting of multiple songs, you'll need to activate "Create Chapters Every x Minutes."

    If you've never used DVDflick to make a DVD before, note there is significant hesitation when the disc reaches the end of any particular video. If you hit the skip chapter forward button on your player, it will linger on a freeze-frame at the end of the current video for a couple seconds before playing the next one. The chapter skips aren't as smooth and instant as with commercial pressed DVDs, but it does work as long as you choose the right DVDflick options.
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