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  1. Some of my daughter's animated bluray movies (like Brave, Princess and the Frog, Frozen, etc...) are split into several m2ts files for no good reason.
    The problem with my media player (TizzBird F20) is that there is a split second gap in both sound and video on each file switch. to I merge all m2ts files in the STREAM folder into a single m2ts file (same goes for the clpi files in the Clipinf folder) and edit the playlist (mpls) file to only play the single m2ts?

    Video and audio must be untouched.
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  2. Guest34343
    [never mind I didn't see your clpi reference at first]
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  3. That's Disney for you, always thinking up ways to keep people from flawlessly pirating their content. On the other hand, judging from user comments, TizzBird also appears to be something of a dog.
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    Open the mpls with tsmuxergui that gives you the correct playing time and output as a single m2ts.
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  5. I found the tool BD Rebuilder v0.47.06 (beta).

    If I select backup mode Movie-only and add the hidden option FORCE_NOENCODE=1 then the tool will merge all mt2s into a single file without reencoding video or audio.
    The clpi files are also merged the same way.

    So, that's the tool I was looking for.
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