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  1. I am looking for help with a random error I get when using RipBot. I am not quite sure why it happens, I have put files to encode into RipBot and then put the exact same file in a day or two later in this message will pop up...If anybody could shed some light on why it happens that would be great.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	RipBot Error Message.jpg
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    A bit vague question. What are you trying to do with the video? Is this error appearing for every other video you add ? What happens when you click OK?
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Does it happen with all your video files? Or just this one?
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  4. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    From what I could see it may be a simple error where ',' is used instead of '.' in a file. But there appears to be a lot of other causes. I'm not sure RipBot has much to do with this.

    Do you have logs from a successful Ripbot conversion and one where this error came up?
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  5. redwudz I am not sure let me check and see what I have. Sorry, for the vague-ness, thats part of the problem its completely random. I have the exact same file load at one time, and then I go to do it again, and the error occurs. It happens when I load the files. I open RipBot, I hit the "Add" button It comes up....
    "Please wait....demuxing audio streams...", it gets through that and goes to "Please wait gathering information...", As you can see in the picture the file show up in the video and audio sections and that Application Error Pops Up, and basically from that point the program locks up. I hit the ok on the Error Message and it goes back to the main program and just hangs at the gathering information until I close the program..... As Far as Logs redwudz....
    I have a Temp Folder that has "RipBot264temp" it shows a jobs.list, and a folder "job1". In that "job1" folder there are the ac3 file, srt.file, a chapters.txt that is blank, getinfo.avs, info.txt that is blank, job1.avs, MKVExtract.cmd, and a mkvinfo.txt.

    The "getinfo.avs" shows the following:

    video=DirectShowSource("V:\The Blacklist\The.Blacklist
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\RipBot264 Version 1.17.5\tools\AviSynth plugins\NicAudio\NicAudio.dll")
    audio=NicAC3Source("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\1_a udio_English.ac3")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","F ramecount")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","F ramerate")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","A udioRate")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","A udioChannels")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","A udioLength")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","W idth")
    WriteFile("C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt","H eight ")

    The "job1.avs" shows the following:



    video=DirectShowSource("V:\The Blacklist\The.Blacklist.mkv",audio=false).ConvertT oYV12()

















    The "mkvinfo.txt" shows:

    File 'V:\The Blacklist\The.Blacklist.mkv': container: Matroska [duration:2533952000000 segment_uid:af57eba523c0e89c85bf567f5d8d6328 is_providing_timecodes:1]
    Track ID 0: video (V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC) [number:1 uid:5850335319908745613 codec_id:V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC codec_private_length:48 codec_private_data:01640028ff01001b27640028ac52140 780227b9fff000100016a0202036d856bdef80801000628f90 8092c8b02000000 language:eng pixel_dimensions:1916x1076 display_dimensions:1916x1076 default_track:1 forced_track:0 enabled_track:1 packetizer:mpeg4_p10_video default_duration:41708375]
    Track ID 1: audio (A_AC3) [number:2 uid:9576674345532737681 codec_id:A_AC3 codec_private_length:0 language:eng default_track:1 forced_track:0 enabled_track:1 default_duration:32000000 audio_sampling_frequency:48000 audio_channels:6]
    Track ID 2: subtitles (S_TEXT/UTF8) [number:3 uid:8581820416359386806 codec_id:S_TEXT/UTF8 codec_private_length:0 language:eng track_name:CC default_track:0 forced_track:0 enabled_track:1]

    There is nothing showing in of the actual Program Files Folder, like the Actual RipBot Folder with the Log Folder. Thanks for patience and trying to help everyone.
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    '' is not a valid floating point value.


    " is not a valid floating point value.

    I have no idea what I'm talking about but it looks as though it's finding an empty field where it expects a floating point value. Frame-rate maybe?

    Originally Posted by Jake802
    info.txt that is blank
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