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  1. I tried everything, running 32 bit firefox, chrome, safari and maxthon, realplayer downloader, jaksta, video downloader pro, etc. I can't see them fluently and can't download them. Is there any solution? I'm not a hight tech fan.
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  2. I also tried to wait until it fully download to see if I can see it smoothly but it looks like flowplayer videos doesn't work that way. It get stuck every 2 seconds.
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  3. Hi panchoskywalker ,

    Sorry , i don't understand what you want to do .
    Beginning => End (???) .

    Cheers .
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  4. I want to be able to:

    1. See flowplayer videos smoothly. Streaming works for 2 seconds then stops for 5 seconds, and again.
    2. Be able to download flowplayer videos so I can see them smoothly once it's done.
    Last edited by panchoskywalker; 2nd Jun 2014 at 10:07.
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