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  1. I have a video file that I'm trying to burn on ConvertXtoDVD. The format was originally in MP4, but I converted it into a DIVX/AVI file hoping that would reduce the file size. The movie is 2 hours 11 minutes long and the properties say that it's only 565MB. When I put it in ConvertXtoDVD though to burn it onto a DVD, it says that I need a DVD with more space because this is requiring 4.58GB to burn. How is this? I've burned many projects that have been over 2 hours long and added up to the same MB before with no problem. Any Suggestions?
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    Can't you adjust the bitrate manually in convertxtodvd? Then lower it. (bitrate * runtime = file size). 2.11 hours should fit fine.

    Or convertxtodvd might read the runtime incorrectly. If so try something else like avstodvd, freemake video converter(adware), etc.

    And don't convert your mp4 to anything if you are going to convert it to dvd. You are reducing the quality each time you reconvert.

    And I'm moving you to our conversion section. YOu aren't ripping anything.
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