Hi, I've got quite the odd case here. I've recently begun encoding a series for which I have the Blurays of both BD-NA and BD-J releases. I noticed that the BD-NA runs somewhat longer due to extended scenes. So I was just going to trim the old scene out of the BD-J and shove in my BD-NA version of it to make the audio tracks from the BD-NA sync up correctly (which worked perfectly synchronization-wise). This is when I noticed something was off with my BD-NA's video.

It appears that my BD-NA version has small black borders (2 pixels on both left and right) on every frame. I attempted to crop out these borders but even though it's only 4 pixels in total I can tell that it is in fact stretched. This would mean that the BD-NA creators for whatever stupid reason decided to add in borders ON TOP of the original source and deliberately alter the source.

Now, I thought that nothing could be done but then I realized that I actually have the unedited frames on the BD-J, just scattered (not nearly as easy to rebuild but doable). I was wondering if there was any software available that could somehow find/restore these frames given both sources to save me the headache. If not, I can scrap it together or deal with the borders/stretching.