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  1. I am using Videopad (3.24) to hardcode subtitles into my videos. Problem is that whenever there is suppose to be multiple lines in a subtitle, the newline '\N' character shows up in the subs itself and doesn't get parsed correctly has a newline character, so instead of something like this:
    How are you doing?
    It gets displayed as:
    Hi.\NHow are you doing?
    I previously had older version of Videopad, (2.41), and I didn't have this problem.
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    What is your subtitle format?

    Tried upgrade to videopad 3.47( I think it is).

    Or hardcode with vidcoder!
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  3. Format is .ssa, its the only format that videopad accepts.
    I tried the newest version also, but its the same problem. Only older version works fine with me, but it is significantly slower.

    I prefer videopad, because I use many functions that vidcoder doesn't have...
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  4. '
    i'm NOT a regular user of Videopad, nor am i a regular user of SSA subtitles,,
    but if memory serves me,,

    are you physically/typing the characters '\N' within the "Videopad" program?
    (within the textbox)
    'coz,, i dont think you need to do that

    if you were writing a ssa subtitle (script),, via a text editor for example,,
    you need to include the '\N' to mark for 'new line',,
    (tho i think you mean LINE BREAK,, rather than NEW LINE"??")

    but within the Videopad environment,,
    you merely hit the 'Enter' key,,
    WHEN Videopad WRITES the subtitle to file ( or when you press save),,
    Videopad will input the '\N' where it is required (where you indicated it should be)

    the only way you would see that (the indicator for a new line),,
    is if you open said saved ssa file in something like NotePad

    (i dont know the specific indicator for line breaks)

    the point is,, within the 'textbox',,
    where you input text,, the subtitle,,
    just type normally,,
    Videopad will insert the particulars for ya
    when completed,,
    then go to the next line

    new line and line breaks are TWO different things
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