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  1. Hello all,

    recently I have a problem with my adobe premiere, I can encode the video either in my Adobe Premiere or export it to the media encoder, either way, the encode finishes but no application is able to play the file, no matter what I encode the result is the same. If I use the same files with the same project file on another computer using the same version of Adobe Premiere, it encodes the project without a problem, using H264 to encode, any ideas?

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  2. Just noticed now that even when thou I always choose the output to be .mp4 it outputs .m4v. So I'm guessing like always the problem is apples shitty software that I installed due to a req in after effects?

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  3. No its unfinished render of Premiere
    Premiere when its render create .aac(audio) and m4v(video) and final stage mix to MP4
    Did bad encode happens with any sequence?
    Try encode for test bars and tone on new sequence
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  4. Yes it happens with any sequence, this one actually doesn't have audio in it.
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  5. If you encode the file on the other machine, bring it over and try to play it on this one does it play? You have an awfully big file, it may simply be a playback issue.

    Also, FYI, Apple does not own adobe. Is one machine a mac and the other a pc?
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  6. Yes it play normally from the other machine. I know apple doesn't own Adobe, I had to install QuickTime in order to get something working in after effects, and due to wikipedias claim that m4v is an apple ext I thought it had something to do with it.

    Already did a reinstall not helping :/
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  7. m4v from Adobe is actually elementary video (no container) . Not very many players or applications can handle it.

    Perhaps your other computer has something installed to play elementary streams

    Either mux into container, or change your export settings

    And as smrpix said 4096x2304 is going to be difficult to play back smoothly on many systems
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  8. OK apparently it's my h264's problem, tried encoding the same thing with MPEG2, work with no problems, perhaps codecs?
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  9. Any ideas?
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  10. You said you tried a reinstall as roma_turok suggested earlier. It does sound like the mainconcept h.264 encoder is the issue. What version of Premiere are you using? You may want to give Adobe support a call, or an email.

    You can use and install x.264 as an alternative -- though this limits you to .avi with pcm sound so you have to remux externally to get a proper .mp4.
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  11. Also you need run Adobe CS Cleaner Tool after uninstall
    to make sure uninstall don't left some bad configuration of Premiere:

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  12. Originally Posted by roma_turok View Post
    Also you need run Adobe CS Cleaner Tool after uninstall
    Yes. Good catch.
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