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  1. I burned the DVD but didn't realize that the order of files in my import folder had changed when I copied the folder.

    Is there a way to make a contact sheet for the project? If not a contact sheet, then a list of file names in order of display?

    The input folder has about 500 files. What is the most efficient way to put the back them in order? Using DVD Makers " move up/down will take well too long.

    If I end up moving the files in one by one to force their order, do I move them in top/down, or bottom/up?
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    Maybe you better explain what exactly the DVD is and how you "copied" it. Having hundreds of files, even if 500 is an exaggeration, is definitely not normal for DVD.

    Are you married to Windows 7 DVD Maker? If not, you could look into ImgBurn, which is free.
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