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  1. Hello!!!
    Im a VCR lover since I was 6 years old (that Samsung VT7253C VCR)

    Well, just feb 2010 I bought a "refurbished" Sony VCR, the SLV710HF.

    Worked fine a couple of years, but some time ago, after playback, freezed and shoed error codes on diaplay (cant find what they mean in the Net.)

    A friend fixed it but has 2 "antics":
    When playing, turn the REW ring back and mchine freezes, then turns off.
    Plays back normally, but has a sound like grindin (belts)?

    Ill buy some belt kits in and test, but I want also to know if this machine was well considered by its time (around 1994).

    The sticker on it says:
    Center Mechanisim (any advantage???)

    And finally thanks,.

    Why this model has almost no information on Internet???
    Is this the Funai chassis? I heard bad comments abou Funai.

    Thabks again a lot.
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    I have an SLV-770 back home in the states and it's still going (according to my dad who is the new owner/user).
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  3. Works fina and makes that clasic Sony-unique robotic sound. And the remote... is 10 x 5 x 2 cm !
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