The Setup

Sony Camcorder connected to IMAC via firewire And a PC via Component cable to HDMI on the PC

Imac records Hd video using IMovie and a 2TB Harddrive
Pc Streams using DaCast to Flash encoder to the Genesis website
Audio coming from the Analog Sound board to the camera for the HDVideo on Imovie and to the PC for the stream.

WHat we do. We Record a conference in Hd Video using IMAC and I movie, at the sametime a Diff Pc connected to the Same camera we stream a conference in English and in Spanish to our website.
We use Dacast to broadcast.


We want to stream to every country in the world and receive feedback via video like skype.

We also want to be able to stream from 5-10 diff places/conferences at 1 time on 1 webpage using DaCast or Ustream or something that can replace those.

We want to archive Hd video on the Website that can be viewed on a smartphone or a projector screen. What would we need
to do this?

We want to Stream and REcord Hd video from the same computer. One camera sending 1 or 2 signals to 1 computer that can record the video in HD and Stream the same meeting at the same time.

We want to Stream HD Video to Genesis website without a pc if this is possible

We want to record HD Video on SSD or SDcard without a PC if this is possible