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  1. Hi Experts ,

    I have LG SMART TV and I do often watch live TV series from a live TV website. Can you please guide me how can I stream content from that site to TV . I do not wish to watch from browser in SMART TV as it sometimes stops.

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  2. Hi ,

    @logger910 : Here under the GENERAL possibility !!!

    Use your TV LG as screen for your PC .
    ffmpeg -re -i "%Stream_live_TV% ..." | %VLC%
    !!! Examples !!! kept quickly from PHP's scripts . NOT TO BE USED DIRECTLY .
    $cmd = 'ffmpeg -v quiet -i "'.$uri.'" -vcodec copy -f mpegts -| "'.$vlc.'" --network-caching=10000 - '.$out.'';
    $cmd = 'rtmpdump -q -v -r "'.$streamer.'" -W "'.$swf.'" -p "'.$uri.'" -y "'.$y.'" | "'.$vlc.'" --meta-title="'.$title.'" - '.$out.'';
    Cheers .
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