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  1. Hello guys, new in the site and I just wanted to share some personal data that some people might find intersting. I'been reading a lot about Blu-ray players reading mkv files and of course the dreadful cinavia.

    A few days ago I purchased a Samsung Blu-ray player. To be more precise a 2012 model. I'm talking about the Samsung bd-e5300. Why an old model? One reason: Cinavia! For all of you who want to know the firmware version, here it is: bsp-e5400wwb-1003.

    I have some original Blu-Rays, no Blu-ray copies and a lot of 720p and 1080p mkv files.

    So far no problems with original Blu-rays of course. And no problems with 720p mkv files. Haven't tried 1080p mkv files yet.

    I have played MKV files from a USB flash drive (formated in FAT32 and NFTS) and in both opportunities the bd player did its job just fine.
    Here comes the important news,

    It also played MKV files that were recorded as DATA on a regular DVD-R (verbatim brand). THIS IS THE REASON WHY I BOUGHT A BLU-RAY PLAYER AND NOT A SET TOP BOX LIKE THE WDTV OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I used ImgBurn to burn the DVD. Speed: 8X (just in case). Mode: UDF

    All my MKV files are 2gb, 4.35gb, 6.5gb and 8gb. I couldn't say if the e5300 plays larger files.

    All my subtitles are in SRT format, and also NO problems there.

    Finally I have tried Mkv files with multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles. Also NO problems there.
    Of course, I have no intention of updating the firmware. We all know why.

    If anyone has any questions about this model in particular I will be happy to answer.
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    Thanks for the information.

    Is this older samsung model easy to find in stores/online?

    Try a 1080p mkv clip with higher bitrate and see how it works also.
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  3. Hello Baldrick. I just tried a sample video with my usb flash drive (bitrate: 40mbps). I guess it was too much for the e5300. It didn't play it at all. Here is the file info:

    Container: mkv / resolution: 1080p / codec: h264 / Enc opts: high profile 4.1 / video bitrate: 40mbps

    All the mkv files that I tried and worked fine had smaller bitrate. Less than 15. I guess 40 is too much.

    I did a quick search at Amazon and ebay and the have it brand new.
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    trial and error. You can get the basics from the User Manual:

    notes on page 5:

    ..Your player will not play content that has been recorded on a DVD-R at a bit-rate that exceeds 10 Mbps.
    ..Your player will not play content that has been recorded on a BD-R or USB device at a bit rate that exceeds
    25 Mbps.

    And all of the relevant file specs/codecs are noted on page 6.
    Google is your Friend
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  5. Hello Krispy Kritter, great info! Thanx!!
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    I bought my Samsung BR BD5500 player from back in 2011. It worked great until I updated the software online. I know, you're thinking"... what kind of idiot updates his BR player online?" I was mislead by the comments submitted by purchasers of this product, who stated, on the website, how much better the unit worked after updating the software. As you know, the update is nothing but Cinevia added to your player. Wouldn't be a problem, except now my subtitles do not work %50 of the time, and most of my foreign purchased discs will no longer play. Also, it appears clear to me now that these purchaser comments were not genuine, and were actually placed on the website to get people tricked into adding cinevia to their unit.
    Is there any way to undo an update on a Blu Ray player?
    Is there anyplace I can find the original OS that came with the unit?

    Anybody got any ideas?

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  7. I upgrade today Samsung BD-E5300 to version 1016.0, and now I don't have audio when I watch something. How to fix this?
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    Originally Posted by slobadaca View Post
    I upgrade today Samsung BD-E5300 to version 1016.0, and now I don't have audio when I watch something. How to fix this?
    It is unlikely that you can fix the problem. Manufacturers typically don't provide downloads for old firmware. Also, the player may prevent you from re-installing the old firmware even if you could obtain it.

    Ultimately, if someone must watch rips of Cinavia-protected content, then that person needs to play them with an dedicated hardware media player, like an Android box, or on a PC using software which is not licensed by the Blu-ray Disc Association.
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