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  1. Iím currently converting all of my dvd backups to mkv using handbrake and reducing their size. I originally ripped the movie only (with the English sound track and all subtitle tracks) to my HD in .iso format so I could stream them through xbmc. Now I am simply trying to save a little disc space. Before, I never had to worry about subtitles, however now I do. I am just now learning about subtitles and all the different ways they are encoded into a DVD. All I really want is the forced subtitles to show up whenever somebody on screen is speaking in a language other English. I am looking for a simple way to do this that is reliable. I donít want to have to watch every movie after I convert it to ensure that the subs were properly encoded and if not go back and re-encode.

    Is there any way to do reliably do this? Does the Foreign language search function in Handbrake do this? how reliable is it? Should I burn them in to the mkv or make them selectable (since I will always select them anyway)?
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    Is it forced subtitle flag day? 3 posts about forced subs.

    I would just keep all subtitle tracks in the mkv. They doesn't take that much space. Don't burn in anything.
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  3. In Handbrake, is there an option to turn a subtitle stream default on (force)? You can in Ripbot, but I don't use Handbrake. I should think doing that and keeping any other subs you want as selectable (like Baldrick suggests) would be simplest. The only question is, does one's playback device respect the force flag in an MKV.

    I extract and hardcode foreign forced subs because I usually play my MKVs from external hard drive on my TVs' onboard players. (Ripbot can do this with no trouble). The TVs in question only recognize text subs and it's a pain to OCR subs or find an srt to download. The trouble with doing it that way is if you want to keep the primary sub stream as well, then you have to edit it to remove the forced subs. Forced subs are usually embedded in the first subtitle stream.
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