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  1. In the process of backing up Spike Lee's She Hate Me from DVD to AVI, I discovered that the movie uses forced subtitles - a subset of the normal English subtitles for the feature. I discovered this by extracting the .idx and .sub files using VobSub and then opening them in SubResync, where it showed some of the subtitles flagged as "forced". This should be very handy for determining which of my other DVDs use forced subtitles.

    However, this only seems to work on my Windows 7 computer; it doesn't seem to work on my Windows XP computer.
    In order to get SubResync to even work on my Windows XP computer (which also has IE8 installed), I had to use the fix posted in this thread. The fix seems to work, and SubResync runs, but when I open the She Hate Me subtitles, none are flagged as forced. As I said, opening them with SubResync on my Windows 7 computer, forced subtitles are flagged correctly.

    Could anyone shed any light as to why none of the subtitles are flagged as forced in SubResync on my Windows XP computer?
    Could it be related to the fix that was required in order to get SubResync to run alongside IE8?

    Thanks for your insight.
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    Just read the source code from vobsub....

    But aren't there any other tools you can try to see/check for forced subs. dvdsubextractor, dvdsubedit, subtitle edit.
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  3. Thanks for the pointers to those other subtitle utilities.

    Meanwhile, for whatever reason, VobSub/SubResync is working as expected for me again on Windows XP. I don't know why it wasn't flagging forced subtitles correctly when I tried it previously, but, in any case, it's flagging them correctly now.

    As for SubExtractor, I tried it and it hogged my RAM for an hour and produced nothing before I killed the process. I had more success with DVDSubEdit and Subtitle Edit, which were both useful in finding/displaying forced subtitles; they may come in handy in the future.
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