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  1. As written in the title, I'm using Pinnacle to capture VHS...

    However, I'm getting weird black "frames" in my capture. Anyone know what this flickering is and how I can remove it?

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    Well, it looks to me like the Pinnacle Studio Movie Box had problems capturing all frames. I have no experience with that box, but are you sure that all your settings were correct (with regard to format)? Also, it is important that the computer does not perform any CPU-intensive background tasks while capturing, so you need to make sure that your computer dedicates all resources to the capturing process.

    As for how to remove the flickering, I would just delete (cut off) the black frames by hand if they are few, although that is not a really feasible task on a long video. Can you try to recapture the video and see if the black frames go away?
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