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  1. Hi, is there any way to instruct Handbreak or any other (preferably OSX compatible) x264 front end to split BD rip folder into individual files named after titles during conversion to H264 mkv? E.g. for a BluRay disk full of cartoons.

    I understand I could make one file, split it to chapters with MKVmerge and manually name them. But it seems a bit lame. Besides what if individual titles have their own chapters? Then I would have edit the chapter file to remove the fake ones. And what if I want to keep them in the individual files? Should I import them back after I'm done with splitting? How do I calculate position? Why? If all necessary information is present on BD? Is it?
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  2. Assuming you have a proper full disc rip, you just extract each titleset, and chapters (if present) will be preserved.

    Here's one way:

    1) Open the folder in BDinfo. You'll see the playlist files (.mpls) and the .m2ts files associated with them, along with duration.
    2) Associate a software player with .m2ts files that can open the video from the .mpls (I use MPC-BE). Play each one to identify the names of each title.
    3) Extract each episode with Clown_BD. Rename the remuxed folder with the correct name.
    4) Re-encode or repackage to MKV with Handbrake or Ripbot or whatever.

    I know Ripbot will preserve original chapters, dunno about Handbrake but I presume it will as well.
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