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    hi all . could any one tell me the command to decrypt the m3u8 .ts files without merging the chunks ? The current command i use merges the decrypted .ts files but i dont want them to be merged . I just want the .ts files decrypted and kept as chunks. Hope some one help me with this task.Thanks
    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy decryptedTs.ts
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  2. Copy the m3u8 playlist (or, if applicable, the m3u8 chunklist) and the key file to a local folder along with the single .ts segment. Edit the playlist (or the chunklist) so that it only contains reference to the key file name and the file name of the single .ts segment. The playlist/chunklist should contain file names only, not urls. Likewise for the ffmpeg input.

    ffmpeg -i "local edited m3u8 playlist/chunklist" -c copy decryptedTs.ts
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