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  1. Hello to everyone on this forum.

    I'm searching for someone who has HDTV capture hardware and Xbox 360 and who could help with streaming from Xbox Video.

    Web-based online service is DRM protected Silverlight and AFAIK currently there is no public software that could unprotect it.
    I'm not familiar with Xbox 360 video DRM but I didn't find any software that could really un-DRM video downloaded to Xbox 360 console. I even didn't find anyone who crazy enough to try something in that way.

    So only way I see - is HDMI capturing and therefore I ask VideoHelp Forum community for help.
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    If it's Silverlight, you don't have any rights to capture it.
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  3. HDMI output of protected video will be protected by HDCP encryption. You'll need an HDCP stripper or a hacked HDMI capture device.
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