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  1. Hi.

    I need some help in converting a Blu-ray FullDisc (- DVDFab -) rip, which now sits on a HDD, using about 44 GB of space, to a DVDR.

    And I want to keep all the bonuses, such as alternate takes, gags, interviews, etc.
    (Why? Because they don't offer as many bonuses on DVD, nowadays, and I simply need the full DVD for my DVD collection. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.)

    I don't care about the quality, in this particular case, I really don't. If I really need the 1080p movie, it's right there.
    So no need to try and convince me, please.

    Okay, so is it possible to keep the menu from the Blu-ray, or something similar? Or create a menu myself for all those titles?

    (Does BDRebuilder do that? I hear good things...)


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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    No software can keep the menus. All blu-ray to dvd software(bd rebuilder, vso blu-ray to dvd converter) just keeps the main movie title(when I tried them...they might have added so you can add more titles but not the menus). So you have to rip out all the parts and author your own dvd with for example dvd lab pro.
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  3. Oh, I see. I was afraid of that. (At least they should offer some barebones menus, such as a blank page with default links "Title 1", "Title 2", etc. Pity!)

    Well, I guess I should use DVDFab's 'To DVD' function, and just add them one after the other, right?

    Thanks anyway Baldrick!

    EDIT: Actually, yeah, what the hell, I'll give DVDlab Pro a run for its money again!
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  4. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I would first try dvdfab and vso blu-ray to dvd and see if they can make a simple menu and add extra material.
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  5. DVDFab (- 9 -) I already tried, seeing as how that was the tool used for the BR-ripping process.
    It can only select all titles, and also allows to rearrange them in whatever order one wants. (But, as far as I could gather, there was no menu creation function.)

    Thanks a lot though for the other suggestion. Can't hurt to try it.

    (I used to enjoy making DVDs with DVDlab, however. By far the best program ever made by MediaChance.)
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    Originally Posted by newsgroup guy View Post
    Oh, I see. I was afraid of that. (At least they should offer some barebones menus, such as a blank page with default links "Title 1", "Title 2", etc. Pity!)
    Are YOU willing or even able (if not willing) to devote the many many hours of thankless unpaid labor necessary to make that a reality? Or do you even have enough knowledge to know how difficult that task may be? You remind me of a manager I had some years ago who was always asking me to do "easy" scripts for him that he thought could be done in an hour or less and they actually took days to do because he didn't understand the complexity. Did it ever occur to you that if it this was easy to do at all that maybe somebody would have already done it? The guy who wrote BDRebuilder is one of the true geniuses in the world that we here at VideoHelp are interested in and his program can't do that. He doesn't even have a pay version that can do that.
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  7. Oh, I've done DVD creation/editing with DVDlab PRO many times in the past.

    After buying the 'Home Alone' special Family Fun DVD, I spent a couple of days putting the deleted scenes inside the movie, and re-creating the menus, to make a new DVD for myself, for example.

    So, yeah, I know a bit about these things.

    It sounds like I'm going to use DVDFab to create DVD structures for the bonus features I want to keep (on the new DVD), since apparently DVDFab can do that, then import each of those resulting VOBs into DVDlab. I can take it from there. Creating new, proper menus for the resulting DVDR, I mean.

    Of course, I can't recreate the Blu-ray menus in my authored DVD structure. Nor do I want to. (I hate Blu-ray menus anyway. I never liked their popping up over the material that is already playing.)
    But what I could do is try to re-create to the best of my abilities the menu from the DVD of the movie in question. The one without the special features I wanted to see on my DVD too.

    (And, you know, short of Sonic Scenarist, professional DVD-editing software, which has the steepest learning curve I've ever seen BTW, DVDlab PRO can do it, if there is one other program that can.)

    Okay, gotta go now.

    Have a good one!

    And thanks again, Baldrick! I almost forgot that I should use DVDlab for this task...
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