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    Hi, please help my cat that cannot watch tv because I cannot find a xdcamhd422 codec

    ffmbc seems cannot do, or: it do encoding but files are unplayable in camera
    is there a qay to resolve?

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  2. in IMX50 all works, in xdcamhd422 all is wrong
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  3. in xdcamhd422:

    error of the camera/deck: unsupported essence
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  4. Why would you want to convert your content to xdcamhd422 to watch it on a tv ?
    Are you using your camera as media player? (why not use a normal computer/tablet/... media player instead?)

    As a side note: are you sure your camera does support playback for everything that is encoded with xdcamhd422 and doesn't only playback content it created itself? (like a lot of media recorders do?)
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  5. but it's a normal recording operations on xdcam disc, go back to the camera or a pdw-hd1500 deck is normal operations of managing video (also for archving it)

    also in betacam sp, old umatic, dvcpro and other analog/digital format is normal procedure to re-put in the same orioginal support

    I shoot my cats with the camera (with xdcam discs) --> editing --> export and encoding in the same format and put the edit from "new" in a xdcam disc

    All is possible in IMX50 (SD) on a xdcam disc, it's strange it cannot do with hd (xdcamhd422)

    If a broadcast tv want videos of my cats what should I give? it don't accept mp4 or others, it accepts only xdcam discs and

    -if broadcast have to be SD is IMX50 on xdcam disc
    -id HD have to be xdcamhd422 on xdcam disc

    pdw-u2, pdw-hd1500 and camera (in my case pdw-f800) all this cannot accept ffmbc encoding in -target xdcamhd422 meanwhile accepts encoding of edius, avid or others...

    Click image for larger version

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  6. Originally Posted by marcorocchini View Post
    but it's a normal recording operations on xdcam disc, go back to the camera or a pdw-hd1500 deck is normal operations of managing video (also for archving it)
    It's normal, except aren't you converting your files in order to get them into your editing system? And your editing system doesn't output XDCam either if I remember correctly. Outputting XDCam to disk is not just a question of files and codecs, but also correct folder structure, which must be built with metadata from the files.

    Looks like it's tolerant of SD, but won't accept HD.

    Your cat has been chasing this mouse for a long time.
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    How do we know you are following the right procedures to get that file back onto the disc?

    Are you using "FTP Download"? Are you generating a Clip New List to include that download? Do you even have things stored in the proper directory (PROAV for MXF media, CLIP for clip xml metadata, ROOT for MEDIAPRO.XML media metadata, etc). Have you thought through including Thumbnails & Proxies?
    Have you correctly set the UMID data?

    Unless I'm mistaken, due to translation difficulties, I find this to be an EXTREMELY wasteful use of a $25k professional deck (home media player viewing)!
    Why can't you just roll out your "edited master" to the deck in realtime, like most everyone else does? (PC-->HD-SDI cables-->Deck HD-SDI video In, "record")

    Plus, there was never any guarantee that ffmbc would be compatible as a replacement/insertable file back onto a source disc. You seem to be "flogging a dead horse".

    What broadcast TV doesn't accept certain files? - ALL! Broadcast TVs don't HAVE (nor need nor expect) internal file playback app capability. They are meant for doing ONE THING: viewing from input cables (whether it is HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, or Component/S-Video/Composite Analog). If your TV doesn't have anything but HD-SDI inputs, then you should be getting a media player that has HDMI out and an HDMI->HD-SDI converter box.

    If you did this right, you'd have this fixed months ago.


    also: enough with the cats. I love 'em as much as the next guy, but SHEESH!! I have a feeling I am speaking from more than just my own opinion here.
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    marcorocchini, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.

    Moderator redwudz
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  9. in the field is impossible to have a pdw-hd1500 deck.

    For news you have just camera, and pc to edit.

    Once edited, you can export in mp4 for a ftp transfer to the broadcast network and/or transfer the exported re-generate in a xdcam disc.
    Sony pdw-700 and f-800 camera accept also single .mxf files: in fact if I use edius to generate a .mxf xdcamhd422 file my camera accept file and in the disc generate automatically all the structure necessary (proxy, metadata ecc..).

    The problem is ffmbc that don't work well in xdcamhd422 mode. FFmbc don't like cats
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