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    Hi there,

    I am receiving IPTV stream on my Internet Connection via UDP (made a Bridge Connection on my Router 1st to enable IPTV). It has a Software similar to VLC where I have to put a UDP link in the format "udp://@" to start Watching the Stream of Different Channels but the Problem is that it only Works on One PC at a time on the same Network.

    I tried using VLC to Restream(Multicast) the Same UDP link to my Network as well as Online, But I am unable to come close to what I actually desire. First I am not sure what Ip should I give at the UDP(legacy) when doing the Stream, Should I give my Local IP, my Public IP here or some Streaming Format Ip (udp://@ while doing the Stream over Internet.

    Streaming a File/Capturing Device is relatively easy using VLC, but I am not sure how to Stream a UDP based Stream over Internet, which can be accessed using VLC Player. Should I Record the Stream in my PC and then Broadcast those files using VLC or is it possible to do it in Real time using VLC alone.

    Please guide me to solve this issue in as much detail as Possible. If there is a guide available elsewhere on this forum or any other site then please share with me. I have already gone through VLC WIKI but either it is too Complex for me to understand or Irrelevant to my situation.

    I am using Windows OS (XP+Win7). If you need any further information about my Configurations please do not hesitate to ask here.

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    If is too complex then give up...

    And if you are behind a router must you change port forward settings.
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