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  1. Yesterday, I uninstalled a bunch of programs and unintentionally uninstalled my Media Classic Player
    (and maybe, MAYBE some of the codecs along with it, but I don't know and I don't remember if they are codecs are not)

    problem is, after I re-install the newest full versino of MCP (10.5 full), my video's result are.....weird
    (note: I haven't installed or update any video programs & codecs since 2011 or maybe 2012.. but I think it's around 2011 where I have to update a codec to run videos in 10-bit back then.)

    all of the videos have a "darker & deeper" coloring, and most of the time some or a lot pixels are gone (very obvious in shot-by-shot comparison)
    and the problem's worse with old videos (my videos that are before 2010), it's like... I don't know.. not compatible or something? The quality got worse and some pixels are missing....


    with OLD Codec1 * *
    with NEW Codec1

    with OLD Codec2 * *
    with NEW Codec2

    with OLD Codec3 * *
    with NEW Codec3


    I've already tried installing KMPlayer, and VLC (the latest versions) and the same problem still persists (as if it doesn't do anything with it)
    I also tried uninstalling my 10.5 version of MPC and re-install the program from version 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5... up to version 10.5 again
    and the video's still the SAME.......

    I have no idea what I uninstalled yesterday (other than a music program Steinsberg and Finale 2010 versions and some other programs I can't recall, including unintentionally uninstalling the unknown version of MPC...)

    Does anyone know how I can I fix my computer (or codec, or program...I don't know) so that the videos will be back like when i use the old codecs?
    Please tell and guide me on how to do it....

    Thank you very much
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  2. Your "new" samples look correct to me. The old ones are washed out. Since you are seeing the same issue with different players your graphics card and monitor are probably configured incorrectly. Get a calibration video and adjust the monitor and graphics card. You can use the video in this post:
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  3. omg....... omg!!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    You're the first one that replied that it's my graphics card setting that went wrong !!!!!
    and it's actually correct xDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
    (everyone else replied that it's the codec and program problems... in which i've already did and state all of what they told me to do....lols")

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so so so so so so sooooooo much >_<!!!!
    it's back to normal now !!!!!!!!! (perfect normal!!!!!!)
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