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    Doctor Who is messy, I need to figure out how to crop each individual scene and it would be nice if I could find a program that would help.

    Ideally something with a bar I can drag across the video, preferably one that would automatically adjust the other axis to maintain aspect ratio while I'm doing it... but anything that would make this easier would be nice. I just encoded an episode and realised I'd missed a line of black pixels on the right on two different scenes, now I need to start again. I'm up to episode two of Invasion of the dinosaurs, and I don't think I crop the first one right... The VirtualDub borders make it hard to see small details on the edges.

    Is there anything?
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  2. Originally Posted by ndjamena View Post
    The VirtualDub borders make it hard to see small details on the edges.
    Use a screen magnifier. I use the one that comes with Windows. I have it set to turn off/on with the middle mouse button.
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    I've used Xvid4PSP to do this, but the interface is VERY SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW on high def sources. Most people would give up it's so slow to use. But it works. Not like you asked out though. It's a much more manual process. I just mention it as it is capable of helping you get exact crop values, but you have to manually enter numbers in and adjust it yourself by entering new numbers until you get it right.

    FitCD can also do this with certain video input formats, but the guides on using it really suck and I am not convinced that the numbers it gives are actually correct. Years ago some people swore by it, but I mention only in case someone else suggests it. I hate it. I'd rather use the time consuming Xvid4PSP method because I know that works.
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    Did you ever try the AVISynth external 'Autocrop' Filter. It's pretty accurate and even inserts the lines to view. with a crop example for the scene. If you use a player with frame by frame (Potplayer, FFplay and others) you can view as you go.
    My sample script is:
    DirectShowSource(("C:\Users\Bud\Desktop\clip.mp4") , Pixel_Type="yuy2").autocrop(mode=1, threshold=80)
    Subtitle("clip.mp4", font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ff0000, align=3)
    ShowFrameNumber(scroll=true, x=10, y=27, font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ff0000)
    ShowTime(x=72, y=44, font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ff0000)
    ShowSMPTE(fps=25, x=68, y=61, font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ff0000)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenHunter_70 May. 21 21.57.jpg
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    You can then edit the AVS for autocrop mode '0' and crop it for use in such as Virtualdub.
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