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  1. Hi all,

    Read something about timbre.

    Cant find configuration in the potplayer setting.

    Wondering if I can experience with any plugin.
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  2. No, there's no timbre filter in potplayer. And it doesn't make sense in the context of playing final mixed audio.
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  3. Hi jagabo,

    Thank you for the reply.

    For second part, cant catch you.

    playing final mixed audio.
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  4. The timber of a sound is the mix of harmonics relative to the base frequency. It's why an oboe sounds different than a flute when playing the same note. So you might be able to make a flute sound like an oboe by adding in the correct mix of harmonics. But it makes no sense to do that in the mixed audio of a song or movie soundtrack. The flutes will sound like oboes but every other sound will be changed too. It will sound horrible.
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  5. Thank you.

    Now I understand better.
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