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  1. Hi all,

    Using version 1.5.45955 x64

    Currently exploring the audio in potplayer. Quite curious about the bandwidth extender and extender's HPF. Read a bit on website. Cant really said I understand them. When trying both high and low, no much or any different any way. Wonder what both is doing there?

    Any one any idea?
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  2. You should use a built-in decoder or enable built-in audio processing filter.
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  3. Hi Sheppaul,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The setting you mentioned is in default. All my filter control is in default too.

    Checked all place, all is enable.

    Tried movie, music, orchestra but still can't hear anything noticeable.

    Mind tell me what they do when select 0 and max?
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  4. well, can't you hear any difference? lol

    ah, in case of bandwidth extender:

    I guess it is from a famous xmms plugin.
    It adds some sounds in very high frequency range (15~16kHz).
    So it depends on the audio sources you're hearing.
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  5. Listen for high frequency content -- like cymbals. You'll hear a little more sizzle at the top end. You'll need decent speakers or headphones that can output high frequencies.

    The filter also adds a little echo/reverb. Since most recordings already have a bit of this it may be hard to notice. Until you crank the settings way up.
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  6. Thanks both.

    Ok, after some testing still no progress.

    After reading the wiki, set bandwidth extender is 0, harmonic booster to 100. :clap: some different or I am imagining?

    For HPF, there are only 3 setting. No sure how to set this.
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  7. Problem solved.

    My previous setting is 32-bit.

    After adjust to 16-bit. It clearly there is different.

    Thank again.
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